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Hosting educational and hands-on clinics for Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs and Livery Yards.

Learn how to enhance your horses performance.


Intro to Equine Massage

This short hands-on practical will give horse owners an introduction to the benefits of massage and an opportunity to learn some simple, yet effective, massage and stretching techniques.

Learn how to:

- Palpate your horse

- Basics massage techniques

- Simple stretches

Duration: 3hrs

Cost: £40pp (Max 6 per group)


Massage for Horse Owners

This is a full day (6hr) massage theory and practical, designed for horse owners. It will equip you with the skills to assess whether a problem might be developing, when professional help may be needed and how to keep your horse performing at their best in between treatments.


- Palpation techniques

- Full body massage 

- Targeted stretches, activations and mobilisations

Duration: 6hrs

Cost: £100pp (Max 6 per group)


In-Hand Polework Clinic

This 2-to-1 clinic is tailored to your horses individual needs. Learn the benefits of pole work and how to use it effectively to rehabilitate and strengthen your horse. 


- Benefits of Polework

- What to look for from your horse

- How to set poles up correctly 

- 4 Tailored polework set-ups for your horse

Duration: 2hrs

Cost: £50pp (2 per group)

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