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Strengthen and Rehabilitate your Horse the Right Way

Superior Veterinary Physiotherapy Service.

Equi-Formance offers a professional equine physiotherapy service combining scientific research with a whole horse approach to enhance performance, recovery and rehabilitation of the equine athlete and companion.

Equine Physiotherapy



Onsite Veterinary Physiotherapist - WP Mullins


Caroline, the head Veterinary Physiotherapist, has over 15 years experience working in the equine industry. She has always had a passion for equine health and well-being and this lead her to a career focussed on musculoskeletal health with the aim of helping owners understand the 'WHY' when it comes to performance issues and rehabilitation.

PGDip - Veterinary Physiotherapy


BSc(Hons) Equine Management

Equi-Formance was born in Australia and moved to the UK and Ireland in 2022. Caroline has worked with Irelands Champion National Hunt trainer, Australias National Showing Champions and Australias Eventing Olympic Silver medalist. 

Our Clients say:

I can't recommend Caroline enough - incredibly knowledgeable. Gave me some great advice & a great rehab plan for Jack's tendon injury as well as lots of information on keeping him limber while he's spending so much time in the stable.
Jack loved her so much, he kissed her for ages before she left!





Northern Ireland


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